Ernest Hemingway: Revealing, New Edition of The Sun Also Rises


Simon & Schuster has published a new edition of Hemingway’s first novel, which includes generous portions of early drafts, deleted passages, and self-musings about the role of the author’s voice in a novel. Here’s an article from The New Yorker looking at how the editing process, with crucial suggestions from Scott Fitzgerald, saved the book’s structure and offered warnings about inserting Hemingway’s authorial presence directly into the story.


Tomdispatch: The Website We All Need


Here’s the website that I’ve been looking for…it draws events together in articles that outline (the most we can hope for) how our intwined world has lurched into a frightening brew of churning events that largely eludes comprehension. 

Leonard Cohen: Still Writing and Rolling

cohen30075The poet Leonard Cohen, one of the originals who came out of the ’60s, is still writing and performing at 80 years old. A poem/song from his new album is linked here.


The Ghost of Poetry

In 1968, Roger Waters of the rock band Pink Floyd borrowed lines from the poetry of Li Ho as lyrics for the song “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun” from the band’s second album A Saucerful of Secrets. Li Ho died at 26. His mother said, “This boy will spit out his heart.” One of the “crazy poets” of the T’ang era, his poetry avoided the traditional Chinese metaphors, opting for lines which jumped from his tongue. More of his poems are here. For a good article on T’ang poetry, Li Ho, and others, see Eliot Weinberger’s article here.

The Southern hills, how mournful!

A ghostly rain sprinkles the empty grass.

In Ch’ang-an, on an autumn midnight,

How many men grow old before the wind?

Dim, dim, the path in the twilight,

Branches curl on the black oaks by the road.

The trees cast upright shadows and the moon at the zenith

Covers the hills with a white dawn.

Darkened torches welcome a new kinsman:

In the most secret tomb these fireflies swarm.

Anthony Bourdain: Good Interview On The World and Reality

UnknownAnthony Bourdain has helped put much needed reality into the world of television, with his shows No Reservations and Parts Unknown, while his books deliver good writing and interesting takes on life. Here’s a good interview with him on Blogs of War. Check it out here.

A quote from the interview:

“My crew has NEVER been treated so well – by total strangers everywhere. We had heard that Persians are nice. But nicEST? Didn’t see that coming. It’s very confusing. Total strangers thrilled to encounter Americans, just underneath the inevitable “Death To America” mural. The gulf between perception and reality, between government policy and what you see on the street and encounter in people’s homes, in restaurants – everywhere – it’s just incredible. There’s no way to be prepared for it.”

The Art of Governing

Confucius, born 511 B.C.

Confucius, born 511 B.C.

In a country well governed,

poverty is something to be ashamed of.

In a country badly governed,

wealth is something to be ashamed of.

–  Confucius

Suetonius, Tacitus, Livy: Life Lessons



“Nothing is more unpredictable than the mob, nothing more obscure than public opinion, nothing more deceptive than the whole political system.”― Suetonius




Fear is not in the habit of speaking truth; when perfect sincerity is expected, perfect freedom must be allowed; nor has anyone who is apt to be angry when he hears the truth any cause to wonder that he does not hear it. – Tacitus



He was always before men’s eyes; a course of action which, by increasing our familiarity with great men, diminishes our respect for them. – Livy


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