What sound is this…

Huntington piano

Part of a two-decade documentary project on rural backwoods churches in deep East Texas.


The Moustache Brothers of Mandalay


The legendary Moustache Brothers of Mandalay with their father in 2006. See “On the Record” on the right, “The Moustache Brothers,” for a profile on the comics and their struggle with the Burmese military.

More Backwoods Churches

vertical window

Pax et Lux

Chaos In The Gum Machine


“Don’t worry, I’ve got everything under control.”

A Kind of Writer…

EH 2393S

Ernest Hemingway at “La Consula”, Bill Davis’ estate in Spain, circa 1959. Photograph by Mary Hemingway.

“I’m the kind of writer who can discard a sheet of manuscript paper without crumpling it up into a ball.” – Ernest Hemingway.

More Backwoods Churches


Abandoned church in the Big Thicket area, circa 70s-80s. Part of a documentary project I started on my own.


Backwoods Churches Documentary Project

road sign

A picture from a documentary project I worked on about backwoods churches in the Big Thicket in the 70s and 80s.