Villa Terlingua in the Big Bend

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A section of Villa Terlingua in the Terlingua Ghost Town near Big Bend State Park in Far West Texas, owned and operated by Cynta De Navarez.


The side of a cabana at Villa Terlingua with the Chisos Mountains in the far distance.


A patio next to a cabana.


The Blue House cabana at Villa Terlingua in the Ghost Town near Big Bend State Park near the Rio Grande.


Villa Terlngua’s big house in the Ghost Town of Terlingua near Big Bend State Park in Far West Texas, owned by Cynta De Navarez. The large villa and nearby cabanas are for rent to individuals or groups. See for more information.


The Burro Lady of Big Bend


A painting of the Burro Lady of Big Bend. Judy Magers and her burro roamed hundreds of miles along the highways of West Texas, camping outside beside the highways. She was a mysterious figure to most travelers, but she was beloved and locals kept careful track of her travels. For a story about her, click here. The painting resides in the La Posada Milagro coffee shop in the Terlingua Ghost Town


The La Posada Milagro coffee shop in the Ghost Town, a well-known gathering spot.

Distilled Wisdom


A landscape painting from the Tang Era. 

No road to happiness or sorrow.–Chinese proverb.

Silly boys in time become silly old men.–Chinese proverb.

“I heard” is good. “I saw” is better.–Chinese proverb.

Water and words, easy to pour, impossible to recover.–Chinese proverb.

The house with an old grandparent harbors a jewel.–Chinese proverb.

You own ten fingers are unequaled.–Chinese proverb.

Before you beat the dog, learn his master’s name.–Chinese proverb.

Pleasures are shallow, sorrows are deep.–Chinese proverb.

One dog barks at a shadow, a hundred bark at his sound.–Chinese proverb.

Do not open a shop, unless you like to smile.–Chinese proverb.

Many a good face under a ragged hat.–Chinese proverb.

Rivers and mountains may change, human nature never.–Chinese proverb.

A bad word whispered will echo a hundred miles.–Chinese proverb.

Easier to rule a nation than a son.–Chinese proverb.

Without sorrows no one becomes a saint.–Chinese proverb.

Learning is treasure no thief can touch.–Chinese proverb.

While you are bargaining conceal your coin.–Chinese proverb.

Great doubts, deep wisdom. Small doubts, little wisdom.–Chinese proverb.

Cheat the earth…earth will cheat you.–Chinese proverb.


February 16, Friday, marks the Year of the Dog


Ranking as the eleventh animal in Chinese zodiacDog is the symbol of loyalty and honesty. People born in the Year of the Dog possess the best traits of human nature. They are honest, friendly, faithful, loyal, smart, straightforward, venerable and have a strong sense of responsibility. 

Colors in Luang Prabang, Laos


Evening light on the corner of a building sometime in early 2000s.

The Country Girl in Big Bend


Laddawan in the basin of Big Bend National Park with the “window” in the far background.

What sound is this…

Huntington piano

Part of a two-decade documentary project on rural backwoods churches in deep East Texas.